Prince rupert can be the best place in BC to grow up, work, play, raise a family & retire.


Renegotiate the Port Ed Tax Deal

A lot has changed since 1981 when Prince Rupert began sending 20% of Ridley Island taxes to Port Ed.

We should negotiate a shared services agreement so that all taxpayers pay the same amount to use the same services.

Solve the Port Tax Cap

It's not fair that home and business owners are paying higher taxes every year while port properties get to pay less. 

The unintended consequences of the port tax incentive need to be solved with the Province and port partners in order for our community to move forward.

Lease More of Watson Island

In less than 3 years, the former pulp mill site has transformed from the City's biggest liability into our greatest asset.

Instead of selling it for less than the taxes owed, we should continue leasing the island to industry to maximize the financial returns.


Revitalize our Downtown

We need to reimagine how to fill vacant storefronts, develop empty lots and fix up deteriorating buildings.

Downtown is a reflection of how we see ourselves as a community so it should be inviting, safe, walkable, interesting and vibrant. 

Create More Waterfront Access

For a coastal city, we should have more waterfront access, trails, and parks to enjoy.

By partnering with organizations like Kaien Trails & Rotary, we can build on the success of Rushbrook Trail and Cow Bay Marina at Kwinitza and Seal Cove.

Improve our Island Airport System

Our airport is one of the hardest to access in the entire industrialized world.

We need a plan to reduce the $1 million dollar per year subsidy that local taxpayers must pay by examining new ways to reach Digby Island such as a new ferry and docks. 

Priority #3: Sustainability

Start Curbside Recycling Pickup

Curbside recycling not only reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions, it will extend the landfill life expectancy. 

After a 2018 grant was denied, the City's plan to start a weekly garbage/recycling pickup alternating schedule in 2019 is the best option to support. 

Partner on Poverty Reduction

Although the responsibility of the Province, the City can be a key partner in reducing poverty through partnership.

The municipality has a role to play in the complex issues around poverty such as housing, public spaces, policing, recreation and more.

Update the Official Community Plan

We want to be a City that is open for business. This means modernizing bylaws to reduce red tape.

By harmonizing our planning and economic development departments, we will save time and money for residents, businesses and City Hall.

PRIORITY #4: Partnerships

First Nations Cooperation

There are many synergies that the City can pursue with our friends and neighbours such as public art installations and economic development.

The City can be willing and able partner by working to align our interests.

Help the Resource Benefits Alliance

While the Northeast and Peace regions receive millions from resource revenues, the Northwest receives nothing.

The Northwest deserves a fair share of resource wealth from our communities and we should make a deal.

Participatory Budget Planning

We need to move beyond passive consultation into active collaboration with citizens and taxpayers.


We can do more than the legislated minimums, improve public notices, and host engaging outreach initiatives.

PRIORITY #5: Enhance accountability

Require finance & governance courses

Within months of first being elected, Council members must read and pass a $30+ million dollar budget. 

Whoever gets elected should know how to read financial statements and understand their role, the rules, and the laws governing Council.

Add to in-camera & conflict disclosures

Elected officials should be held to account more than once every four year election cycle.

When Council has to make confidential decisions around land, legal, and labour, we must publicly communicate with more detail & more often to ensure public confidence.

Create a Council Code of Conduct

Council has little authority to discipline a Councillor in cases of inappropriate behaviour such as abuse of public office.

We should follow the lead of other communities and set the expectations for how elected officials should conduct themselves professionally.

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